5 More Quite Interesting Links

September 27th, 2011

Here's some more Quite Interesting links I've found while traversing this big ol' 'net.

  1. Man O' War

    The Man O' War is not actually a jellyfish, it's a colony of individual 'zooids' collectively known as Siphonophorae.

  2. HTTP Dynamic Streaming

    You know how some sites won't let you jump to a certain part of a streaming movie until it's loaded? That's because they're not using RTMP, and now there's a way to do this using Apache without using Flash.

  3. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

    From MIT Press available online for free, twcamper has converted it into .mobi format to read on eBook readers. This has been required reading on many computer science courses but I'm sure even a humble web developer will be able to take something away from it.

  4. One of the Best Bits of Programming Advice I ever Got

    Some useful advice on object-oriented programming.

  5. Virtual Monkeys Write Shakespeare

    A 'team' of programs that bash out random 9-character strings is close to finishing The Complete Works of Shakespeare.

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