5 Quite Interesting Links

September 20th, 2011

Here's a new feature for my blog, my five quite interesting links of the week. This has arisen from my tab bar looking like this and me being fed up with it.

Too… many… tabs!

  1. Breaking Dev: Responsible & Responsive Luke took notes on a presentation given by Scott Jehl on responsive web design and the recent Boston Globe redesign. It gives a really good insight into how they accomplished their responsive design and a number of helpful tips.

  2. Mapalong A cool looking web app that taps into powerful human emotions. "Save the places and share the memories that matter to you" this definitely has potential.

  3. Exclusive preview of the hottest CSS specs A quick overview of what's being discussed by the CSS Working Group. I think my highlights include reworked CSS floats, new selectors and conditional rules.

  4. stream.js A library that adds something called a 'stream' to JavaScript. I think of it like an array with more features and the ability to be infinite.

  5. Huge Collection of Code Snippets A (probably carefully selected) dump of code snippets ranging from fairly useful to invaluable; includes HTAccess, PHP, WordPress, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

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Matt C said:
That Mapalong thing reminded me of another thing I saw called WhatWasThere - http://whatwasthere.com/ Basically old photos overlayed on Street View. =]