A Further 'About Me'

November 16th, 2009

I figured the About Me page is pretty one-dimensional, after all, it's only meant to showcase what I am in terms of the web and the rest I display elsewhere in tidbits.

As you can probably tell by my headers on each page I'm pretty into the natural world. I don't think we should forget it with our ever increasing dependency and pervasion on/ of the Internet. Part of the reason I chose Dreamhost was because they're carbon neutral and I think that's an important step in today's businesses, if you can, there's no reason not to do something like that.

I'm also a huge fan of music, I guess chilled electronica is my game but I love so much more. Anything that has soul and talent. You can go to my Last.fm page, I guess that has the most detailed stuff on what I've been listening to better than I can try and say. I love going to concerts unfortunately I haven't found any good places or people to see in Poole/ Bournemouth yet so if anyone has any suggestions based on my likings do get in touch!

I've just been reading some of Understanding Foucault (finally) and it seems pretty cool. Kind of what I was trying to get across last night - or at least that's how I read it. Am glad I did Philosophy and Ethics for (almost) A level as quite a lot of those ideas come out in these figures.

A big part of me is my beautiful fiancée, Julia. We've done nearly together the past two and a bit years, Iceland, Cyprus, car journeys, living together, living apart and being in love. I can't really express how much she means to me. I was reading an interview with Umberto Eco and he said everything comes down to lists. Lists are the sign of a more advanced society, more then just the descriptive, all the characteristics that try to make up that thing. I guess it's a step towards trying to show the complexity of even the simpler things.

Maybe you've learnt a bit more about me, perhaps not. I haven't done much better at understanding myself tbh =).

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