A New Term, A New Hope

January 20th, 2010

Already I've reached Phase 3 of the first year of the course and the time seems to have gone so quickly. I've just handed-in the previous essay and the site hand-in is Wednesday (not feeling too confident about either of those) but with the kick start of a new term I'm hoping for the best. So some reflections on what's happened with working in my first proper group on this course.

Well for me it's been quite stressful, after some group meetings James gave us roles and we all agreed that he should be project manager (organised, reliable, confident - all good qualities for the position). Since then it has taken a while for us to get much work done, there has been a lot of planning but not much doing. Because of this I broke out of my own roles as image/ graphics/ producer and started on the site. With hindsight I should probably have done this from the beginning but I'm glad I started because the team member that was supposed to do the site still has not contributed any work to the project.

Sorting out the navigational content and site map was surprisingly hard. A lot of sites these days are quite 'flat' everything can be accessed from the front page (BBC is an exemplar of this). We wanted ours to be similar but a lot of issues came up from that, how do we implement profile pages? Should we have extra pages? The latest example of which is showcasing the video, we did have the idea of putting the video you clicked on in the middle left of the page with a featured video on the right and a video carousel at the bottom but even when roughly making this it was clear it was too complicated and too many video thumbnails. Currently we're going for something like the BBC's YouTube channel with small thumbnails on the right in its own box.

A few other issues I think is just the number of people in our group, six is quite a large number to all give meaningful jobs to. Yet some have ended up working a fair amount more than others, I think this is to do with group dynamics and perceived roles. I think I always seem to believe I have to do much more than I actually do but only it seems to pick up what others don't do. I was also a fairly active member in the conception process. Coming up with the initial idea of a music review site, the name and the current logo, of course the others helped shape it and it would be silly to think that I could do it all by myself so thank you to all.

I'll leave it there for now. =)

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