An Introvert Online

September 25th, 2011

Social networking sites have opened us up to an unthinkable amount of potential interactions (yes, it's going to be one of those posts). The recent Facebook updates have brought these to the fore with the 'ticker' showing exactly what others (I'm going to avoid using the word friend) have interacted with. As a side note, I feel Facebook is on a slight decline as it tries to encompass Every Feature Everâ„¢ while other networks stick to what they do well, Twitter is relatively light on features but has a robust API and is built around a single, solid concept and is doing better than ever.

I don't share things (i.e. links or thoughts) as often as most and this blog is probably the most outward facing thing I have in terms of opinion sharing. I self-censor every tweet, post, and thought before sharing it online; this probably explains why I haven't yet put anything on Google+ and haven't explicitly set a status on Facebook since mid-July. To be honest I don't know if this is typical of other introverts or not but what I do enjoy is sharing with no-one.

I finally got an invite to Diaspora, an open-source social network, like Google+ but without the sinister undertone that it already knows everything about you. With it, I've posted a few things that I'm not confident enough to post to the world (Twitter) or even accepted people (Facebook); it's a scrapbook of would-be updates.

You're probably wondering what the point of this is. Quite frankly so am I, perhaps something about an outlet for thoughts without the risk undertaken of possibly upsetting anyone or coming across too nerdy (most often the latter). Maybe.

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