October 22nd, 2010

Unity was my latest foray into broadening my knowledge of all things technological: it was bloody brilliant. Thanks to the tutorials from this guy the IDE actually made sense. The scripting language that I used was JavaScript (although it's not real JavaScript, there's some differences like you have to declare variables but it has the same syntax) which was nice to boost my experience with. For the two week (one, once we'd actually picked it up) slot that we had to create a game from scratch I decided to make a simple, nature-based experience; thus was born Breeze.

Breeze was inspired by games like Rez and it's travelling mode, Flower, Animal Crossing and Endless Ocean. Games where there isn't an immediate peril unlike most other games on the market. No timer, no real pressure. Just revel in the environment, it would be brilliant to expand it more which I may do.

The narrative is that, as the wind, you need to turn autumn into winter by knocking off the last remaining leaves from this tree. I admit, it doesn't really make sense that you're in a field surrounded by other trees (most of which are evergreen) with no real access for a farmer, but apart from that you're going to have to trust me that this is how the seasons change ;)

Yesterday it was presented to my seminar group and generally people liked it. One of the main concerns was the lack of explosions and badgers but apart from that suggestions like making it more obvious which tree it is, make it so it's full of leaves and you brush through to knock them all off, and tightening it up in general. Overall though, I'm really pleased. Go play it and leave a comment back here with any criticism, feedback or feature requests!

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Rose said:

I`m not sure what you mean. There is no NoName Texture in the file. Not in the obj file, not in the Unity package. Curious. Where do you get a NoName tutrexe?