June 10th, 2012

Every moment of every day we're connected to the rest of the human race in our pocket.

But this is rarely realised or experienced.

#ValtariHour, an event set up by Sigur Rós to give people a chance to listen to their new album in full, for one hour as it was streamed across every timezone at 7pm. Because they used the hashtag it was easy to track everyone tweeting about it using the Twitter app. During that hour I felt connected to more people than I ever have before. All while sitting on my bed watching Twitter on my phone which intensified the listening experience greatly.

It was the perfect album for this event, simultaneously intimate yet epic; truly awe inspiring.

I really hope more musicians take note of this, the general response was very positive and it's a great way to raise awareness.

After the event I tweeted "Congrats to the devs behind #valtarihour too, can't imagine streaming audio to thousands of people at once is a walk in the park" and got a response back from Studio Juice, the guys behind it thanking me within five minutes. I love the web.

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