Forcing Symphony CMS to Update

December 9th, 2011

I love Symphony, it's my CMS of choice and I've written about it a few times before.

One thing I don't love about Symphony is updating. It's fine if you're running your own server and can install git but for those of us on shared hosting, it's a very manual process.

I have two Symphony installations on 2.2.4 and wanted to update to 2.2.5 (everyone loves updating to those minor point releases, right?). The first one I updated went without a hitch, copy across the files and click update and life is good. On my personal blog though, I wasn't so lucky.

After I copied the files over to the server Symphony plainly stated "Your Symphony installation is up to date, but an updater script was still detected. For security reasons, it should be removed. Remove Update Script" I quadruple checked it was definitely the latest release I had uploaded and set to work finding how to force an update.

After a little rooting around the source code I found that if you type into the address bar:

This will force the installation to update and your Symphony installs will giggle in excitement as they get a new batch of code washed over them.

I hope that this has helped anyone that's found themselves in a similar situation.

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