November 11th, 2010

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of designing amongst my usual code-filled life and I thought I’d share some of the sites and designers that I look up to when doing such things. But first, this:

Steal – Jim Jarmusch

Andy Rutledge – When designing this portfolio this guy showed me how to make it interesting with minimal colour.

24 Ways – Their articles always seem to teach me something new and I keep coming back to them.

John Hicks – I first found Hicksdesign when looking at fluid websites. Not only is he a brilliant coder but he makes some of the best illustrations on the web too.

Nicholas Macias – His originality is awesome. Check out Jax Vineyards, it’s just damn sexy.

David DeSandro – This is the one web designer I’ve e-mailed to compliment him on his work. It’s just freaking good. Check it out, he also shares various cool things. Jason Santa Maria – I remember first loading one of this guys posts and just thinking ‘wow’. He has so much talent and it’s even interesting to read without the great design.

Cobus – His theme and content is really original, I keep meaning to do something similar.

Luke Jones – Last but not least, this guy just has the perfect archetypal modern portfolio and his other designs look just as good.

All of these designers have at some stage made me think ‘God, maybe I’m not cut out for this business’ but really it just makes me want to do even better. “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

Who’s on your list?

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