Lemon Jelly - Stay With You

November 16th, 2009

Just a few stills from the music video for 'Stay With You' by Lemon Jelly, designed by the ever beautiful Airside. I also believe it's heavily influenced by a 2004 interactive Flash animation by world renowned Japanese web developer Yugo Nakamura called Borders.

Anyhoo here are a few stills to help illustrate what I'm aiming for in my own portfolio.

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You've probably noticed that the last one is completely different, that's because it is. It's from the same DVD/ album and is called 'Go' (featuring vocals by the legendary William Shatner) and uses the same layering effect. Like the Stay With You video it also takes the viewer on a journey through vast landscapes and is quite powerful despite not much really happening - just a guy with different backgrounds walking from one end of the screen to the opposite side. Anyway, the point of layers is still there and it uses photos to generate texture and meaning.

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