One Day Project

October 20th, 2009

Tuesday has arrived and that means the One Day Project is upon me. The brief is basically to design a theme for my site whilst referring to at least one other site and another source, in my case a music video. Also, design a basic structure and then if I've got time to build a simple mockup in Photoshop.

Lead up to deciding on the music video looked like this:

initial concepts

After spending a good portion of yesterday looking at things that I like it suddenly struck me that Lemon Jelly's 'Stay With You' video was possibly one of my favourite pieces of design ever. Designed by Airside it is amazing, I'll post a YouTube link when I have time. So, I'm thinking of using that wave design and colour palette as a place to start. I also really like the art style found in Okami with the watercolour effect and texture so I could desaturate some of the colours and add that.


All sounds well and good but I need to find some sites that deal with a structure that I can use. I've been looking at some blogs that have the 'Top 20 Best One-Page Portfolio Designs" and it's intimidating to say the least! I think I'm best off at sticking with something quite simple for today... but where? Hopefully I'll find something.

I was talking about the watercolour feature, you can see an example of this here. Online, Heiko Brömmelstrote has a nice example of texture in the background adding a bit of 'reality' making it feel less like a screen. An example I've just found showing what I mean by overlaying texture with colour and making them look right is

I've just found a beautifully laid out site, Theatre Website. I like the fact that the navigation comes first (usability) but this doesn't detract from the wonderful header design that then leads to the rest of the site. I think I can incorporate this sort of design with the idea that I have, I'll draw some sketches and see what comes out of it.

Update at 12. The sketches have been sketched, I'm now grappling with a logo design. I like the idea of Jason Reed, simply using a stylised signature. This makes the site feel much more personal, adding a small profile picture would be good idea. I like one guy, Kino who had a Flash header with his own head interacting with what you click on, I could do a similar thing with an animated face of myself, simply looking around.

Logo Designs

Structure and Design

13.30 I've got some sort of Photoshop sketch, I don't like the fact that it's black though and the header design isn't how I imagined so I'll change that at some point to what's in my mind when I find out how! I also need to figure out fonts and colours, I know what to do just not how to do it yet! Photoshop tutorials ftw. I'm going to have the waves as a block of colour coming from the side so it will flow better with the rest of the web layout. I'd quite like a non-serif font contrary to what's there already, something quite curvy too akin to Alex Coleman's site.

rough portfolio design

A very quick rough version in white:

White Design

I'll add to this throughout the day as I find more.

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