Re-designing Opera’s Update Icon

February 12th, 2011

Something that’s annoyed me about Opera’s UI is that whenever I check for updates I’m greeted by this helpful little window:

A screenshot of the current Opera update dialogue

The big yellow triangle is usually used on applications warning me about something—telling me I’m up-to-date shouldn’t be a warning! Linux and Windows versions use the more appropriate Information icon which is a vast improvement on this.

Having neglected Illustrator for a while I decided to try making a more helpful icon, all the time thinking WWKD? (What Would Krug Do?). After a bit of research on their current ‘tick’ icons and uses I came up with this:

A screenshot of my Opera dialogue redesign

As soon as the dialog opens I know life is good and no action is required on my part other than to click OK. Even better than an information window in my opinion! I submitted it to the My Opera community and 69% said they loved it with only 1 person saying they preferred the original. In my eyes, huge success

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Ben said:
Haha, nice work! So this is what an IMP gets up to over the weekend? Nice. What do tv people get up to over the weekend, you ask? NOTHING (John & Karen will no doubt confirm this theory)