Site Progress

November 1st, 2009

Hello there,

My site's taking form nicely. I've decided to construct it in HTML 5, the reasons being 1. It shows I'm up with web trends, most modern browsers can render the basic tags I'm using. 2. I want to push both people and browsers to supporting the new standard rather than waiting for 2020 or whenever the W3C believes it's going to become the de facto. Get in touch if you think that this is a good or bad move. So far all the pages validate apart from the main page because it uses Dreamweaver's built-in script for the rollover image, I'm sure there are alternatives though so I'll research that. Interestingly, (for me anyway) I'm still using Espresso as my main editor, I guess mainly because of the really easy FTP access it gives and Quick Upload on save. The fact that it's so much nicer looking, quicker, and better organised than Dreamweaver, I just wish it had better lazy code writing like Adobe's beast but it's a small sacrifice to make tbh.

I've got a nice contact form that uses PHP and has basic JavaScript validation with the help of Kirupa and a few Google searches. It's been quite fun building that portion and learning some PHP and how it works, same with JavaScript, I've never managed to get into it and understand it but the more I spend in it's company the more it's starting to make sense. Most of the pages now have content and are coming along nicely, a couple of images to spruce things up. Also there's a custom error page that I'm rather fond of but definitely not the best out there.

I'm still not happy with the design; I can't get it to look how I want it to be. The only cure is more hours on Photoshop but already I'm tiring of it =p.

The next things for me to do are: complete and upload my CV, build a site map, build a WordPress theme to make this blog consistent with the site and finally, get the design and colour schemes right.

About HTML, and PHP. There are no comments (yet!).