Some thoughts on life

November 16th, 2009

Maybe it's because it's 2AM, maybe it's because I've just spent the last two hours listening to Autechre and Squarepusher or maybe it's because I've been reading Web.Studies, more then likely is it's a mix of all of them and more. But I've come to the temporary conclusion that there is nothing of us.

I'll try to explain what I'm trying to think. From Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything to McKee and his Textual Analysis book and the more I read about post-structuralism. It's just another theory that radically goes against the previous theory (structuralism and its ilk). Then someone in a century or more or less will say something else plausible and academic thought will shift that way.

It makes sense then, looking at it from afar and above, that there is no thought. No tangible way of being. I feel this should shock me but it's like the Lemon Jelly song, Page One from '' (you can tell I like them, can't you?)

"Imagine if you can what it is like to have no possessions at all, nothing. Very few people are able to imagine such a thing, to have nothing at all. Well let us, you and I, try to imagine something a hundred times harder, not just to have nothing at all, but when there was nothing at all. The very beginning of time, the dawn of history, page one. Nothing at all. The earth itself without form, a void. Only an emptiness, formless, a dark endless waste of water. No living thing, no plant or tree no bird or animal. Nothing. This is before people; before anything at all. A void, sitting silent, still. And then.


Well that's it for the time being.

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