The Beginning of Life

July 20th, 2010

How wonderful the first year of life must be. Everyday you experience something brand new. I wish I had the consciousness to remember what that was like.

There must certainly be some sense of fearfulness and trepidation, or perhaps that's what the parent is for, that's an intriguing route to go down, do newborns (I'm thinking beyond just humans) have no sense of fear? It would mean a lot of exploration can be had and enjoyed under watchful eyes.

To tie this into interactive media, I think this is the goal to which I would build, if I ever go into robotics, to give something the enjoyment of a new day would make me very happy. Of course, that's much easier to do through genetics.

We can already make machines that learn but they seem to lack curiosity and I think this is so inherent in organic life that we lose it in our day-to-day lives. A curious machine, along with the Turing test would be something to reckon with and I'm sure already in the making.

If you had the ability to construct a robot, what would you make it's main objective or feature?

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Dali said:

This is really ufnlptiig sigh I dont like that I have this problem and I try to keep things in perspective because I know the world doesn't revovle around myself but at times I just get the feeling that everyone is looking at me and judging me for my every mistake, it makes it hard to even interact with people without being even in the least anxious. This is ufnlptiig though and I will def turn my problems to the Lord because at this point he is the only one that can help me. Thanks for the post and your helping people like us by just talking about your situations and giving us all courage.