Year 2: A Review

July 1st, 2011

My second year is officially over, I find out my results on the 11th.

It feels like it's gone really quick but looking back, I've managed to accomplish a lot.

The year started with a week of talks from industry professionals and my first experience of getting a business card. From there I was in the first group to run BUstation, where we put out a live video stream every lunch for a week. Although not part of the broadcasting side, I developed some simple PHP quizzes for viewers to complete that related to the theme of each show and encoded and uploaded each video — thrilling, right?

After that, if I can remember correctly we had two-weeks on each new web technology, so PHP, HTML5, Unity, and Flash — a brief crash course through each with a brief and project at the end of it. This was an intense time, punctuated by many moments of frustration and delight (although I can't say I ever found delight with Flash). This brought us up to Christmas where I had another first experience, my first web conference. A simple evening do called Heart & Sole. It had some great speakers and it was fun to mingle and talk to people, gaining insights into what people do and all set in a beautiful location (the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth). This was quickly followed by Rob's hack night where we spent a few hours playing with canvas and looking at the tip of it's capabilities. On a similar note, I also went to my first barcamp (brief, practical/random talks) where I attended many supremely geeky talks but loved all of it; I didn't know that 'Teach Me JavaScript' meant that we had to teach the guy JavaScript!

From the beginning of 2011 to March we had a major 8-week project, which I briefly blogged about. First, I built the basic HTML structure for the site using best practices as well as I could and then concentrated on the game. It was fairly gruelling and I definitely know that I don't want to touch Cinema4D again! Game work just isn't what I'm into and it was good to realise that at this stage.

After the 8-week marathon I wrote an iOS web application that I'm yet to write about but it was extremely beneficial. Using Sencha Touch vastly boosted my JavaScript knowledge. One of the reasons I chose Sencha Touch was for it's cross-platform deployment, and so I was hesitant to only target iOS with it but the general look of the app lends itself more to that platform. I'll probably add Android support when I have time to download the SDK and get it looking a bit more native.

A screenshot of Schedlr's development

Now, during my 'time off' I'm still hard at work both at Fishrod and on a couple of other projects that I'm hoping I'll be able to announce shortly. Suffice to say, life is pretty sweet.

Edit: My results are in, overall I got 68.5 and my second letter of commendation. Put me in the happy chappy pile :)

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Joel Carr said:
You well deserved your letter of commendation! Can't wait for the start of the 3rd year :)
Tim said:
Thanks Joel! Neither can I, really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. Especially after everything we've learnt on placement, it's going to be great to see what everyone's planning for their major project.